Mika in Siberia, Mongolia and Beijing in Autumn 1999.



From By To
to 09.09.99 18.25
Riihimäki Train (Tolstoi) Fri 10.09. 08.38
Fri 10.09.99 20.25
Moscow Train (N:o 20) Tue 14.09. 08.13
Sat 18.09.99 08.48
Irkutsk Train (N:o 4) Sun 19.09. 08.15
Sun 26.09.99 08.50
Ulanbaatar Train (N:o 4) ma 27.09. 15.33
Tue 05.10.99 08.45
Beijing Plane (Air China, CA 0911) Tue 05.10. 14.45
Tue 05.10.99 16.00
Stockholm Plane (Finnair, AY 0762) Tue 05.10. 17.55


Irkutsk / Lake Baikal: Amerikansky Dom, private house with a pensionate woman, $20 per night (4 nights), no heating, no hot water except one day, ok but could be cheaper
Ulanbaatar: Gana's Guest House (4 nights), $5 per night, in a ger, sauna, internet, marvellous place!
Mongolia, countryside: In local family-gers (3 nights), airag, salted tee and home made vodka of yak milk
Beijing: 27.09.-05.10: Lü Song Yuan Hotel, 4 nights in single room ($26,50 per night) + 4 nights in 6 person dormitory ($12 per night) - excellent price / quality value!


Russia: Valid 09.09.1999-30.09.1999 (one of the photos ripped off and glued back...)
Mongolia: Valid 30 days between 4.8.1999-4.11.1999 (date changed by the consul...was first 4.6...)
China: Valid 30 days between 4.8.1999-4.11.1999


Note: in following history information newest data is always in the bottom of page!



No mobile phone, got to web-email and irc twice in Ulaanbatar, once in Beijing. In Irkutsk as well, but Yahoo's front page didn't load during 30 minutes.


Finally the information I got before leaving about Chinese 50th anniversiry:

      BEIJING (AP) - Half a million people, including soldiers,
      fashion models, old revolutionaries and
      young students, will take part in a huge parade on Oct. 1 in
      Beijing to celebrate 50 years of Communist Party rule,
      organizers said Friday.
      The parade will be followed by an evening extravaganza of
      100,000 people performing dances and songs on Beijing's
      Tiananmen Square. Another 1 million will participate in
      activities in Beijing parks around the anniversary,
      organizers said.
      Some of China's latest weapons - including a recently tested
      long-range missile - also are expected to be displayed
      publicly for the first time in a military display on Oct. 1,
      the first military parade since the 35th anniversary of the
      People's Republic of China 15 years ago.
      The ruling Communist Party is using the anniversary to
      highlight China's economic and military progress,
      particularly under market-oriented reforms launched 20 years

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