Iceland & Faroe Islands

Some pictures from Iceland and Faroe Islands
All photos are taken by me in June 1997.
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You need at least 65.536 colors to see the pictures properly!

Blue lagoon, Western Iceland

Sunset at 22:46 in H÷fn, Eastern Iceland
Mountains near H÷fn, Eastern Iceland

Gullfoss, Waterfalls in Iceland
Svartifoss, Waterfall in Skaftafell national park, Southern Iceland

Strokkur, "Little brother" of GeysÝr
Skaftafellsj÷kull, Glacier in Southern Iceland J÷kulsßrlˇn, Glacier lake in Iceland
Laugardalsv÷llur stadium, ReykjavÝk Ůingvellir, "Parliament plains" in Iceland Mt. Esja, near Reykjavik

Rivtangi, near Cape Enniberg in Faroe Islands

Vi­arei­i, village in Vi­oy island
Bird cliffs near Vestmanna

Faroe Islands seen from Atlantic

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