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kesäkuu 7, 2006


Albaniaan ja takaisin, siinä se oli! Kotona nyt jo kolmatta päivää. Täytyy ruotia 5-viikkoinen reissu maa kerrallaan tulevaisuudessa, mutta nyt tyydyn vain lainaamaan Albaniasta Shkodërin kaupungissa asuttamamme hotelli Mondialin esitettä, joka on kohtuullisen viihdyttävä:


You feel tired, stressed during a monotone day. Say YES "to your life" and
you will find quite, relax, pleasure at "Mondial". Situated in the
historical centre of Shkodra, between the nature beauties created by God
and those created from man. "Mondial" welcomes them who want to taste
magic and comfort. Every thing practicle and finesse. The green garden and
the veranda totally dominant. A delicious restaurant of traditional
Albanian and European Cuisine.

Pizeria shall sodisfy your preferences. You can reserve "MONDIAL" for
different coctails and party. Comfortable & practice rooms, with
hydromasage shower & vasck. Restaurant & Bar/Buffet shall sodisfy your
preferences. Principal terrace with view from the centre of the city. A
delicious restaurant with Albanian and European Cuisine. Practice and
commodity. Hall for conferences. High security in hotel. Free parking.
Special hotel's terrace.

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